CastleVille Characters

What makes CastleVille unique from previously released Zynga games is the inclusion of CastleVille characters that you have to deal with during your game and quest to create a "happy ending". Many gamers labeled this new Facebook game "a social gaming with a twist of MMORPG". In other Zynga games, those prominent in-game characters are not an integral part of the game, here in CastleVille, these characters  are vital in your different quests. You have to interact with them from time to time.

Here I've listed the CastleVille characters in alphabetical order:

George: The Miner
castleville characters - George
Let's meet the affable miner George. You will recognize him as a character with a big hammer. He wears an awesome smile above that large blond beard. He is tall, muscular and looks like a viking.

Goblin Beastie
So far, there's no enough information about this character. It is just mentioned by one of the CastleVille game designers as his favorite.

Raphael: The Woodsman
CastleVille characters - Rafael the woodsman
In real life, this character would be the favorite of most chicks out there! Raphael is a dark, handsome and charming woodsman with a bit of a playboy style who rarely wears his shirt. Ladies would find him a perfect gentleman. (haha!) You would be amazed because he's a chatter who loves to tell stories about his adventures (some of them are lies). He was orphaned when a horde of Beasties attacked his village. He nοw explores the land loοking tο save others from the Dark One. Originally, his name was Antonio. He’s οne οf the first characters that yοu meet in the game and will kick οff the Stranger in the Gloom quest chain.

Sonja: The Pirate
Sonja is a sexy, cutlass-wielding pirate with a thirst for grog and a penchant for pilfering other people’s booty. As captain of the Santa Lucia, she sailed the seas with her crew of miscreants, finding fortune and adventure in every port. For now, Sonja spends her time on shore searching for lost treasure, trying to catch a magic gift-giving fish, and plotting revenge against the Dark One for sinking her ship.

Tom: The Dragon Slayer
Tom is a Scottish knight. Little is known about him so far, other than that he is thinking about retiring from the hectic world of being a knight and is looking to find the right woman to marry. He helps you with several tasks and errands, including many quests.

Yvette: The Maiden
Yvette is a lovely princess and is a fair maiden with a beautiful singing voice. She is featured prominently in all the early artwork for the game. She’s one of the first two characters that you meet in CastleVille and your first set of quests in the game are centered around building a house for her. She’ll also provide you with several quests of her own, primarily in the Nature Lover quest chain. Originally, her name was Giselle.

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